Stay n Play Playgroup

Stay n Play Playgroup is for parents and children under the age of five years and is based on the concept of playgroup but with added educational and directive activities. It provides parent role education and support as well as creating a safe and fun environment for children’s learning. Interactive Parenting is held in the specially designed “Kids Kingdom” which gives families the opportunity of interacting with other families in a fun a safe environment.

The program is designed to provide:

  • A support network for parents
  • Education on a range of issues
  • A safe environment for children
  • Fun and creative programs encouraging mutual interaction for parents and children
  • Coordinated activities and workshops
  • Community building

Stay n Play Playgroup runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am till 11.30am. The cost is $5 per session per family and runs throughout the year and certain days during state school holidays. Families enroll into the program to ensure it can run smoothly and optimum numbers can be maintained.

The program is delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Coordinator and is supported by volunteers. Our Coordinator plans and reviews the program to ensure that positive outcomes are achieved by children and parents. A library can be accessed by families who can borrow resources which include information handout sheets, parenting books/magazines and children’s books and puzzles.

The Stay n Play Playgroup program delivers personal development, social interactions and friendships for you and your child and is underpinned by the phrase Learn Through Play.
Learn Through Play enables the children and parents to learn through experience. Some of the benefits of this model are listed below.


  • Social and emotional development – how children interact with others and manage their own feelings e.g. sharing, joining in group time, taking turns, quiet corner.
  • Physical development – fine and gross motor skills e.g. climbing, riding bikes, ball play, play dough, painting, craft, and water play.
  • Speech and language development – communicating through verbal and non verbal cues, reading, and practice writing/drawing.
  • Cognitive development – how children think, learn and problem solve.


  • Social interactions with other parents – able to relax and talk with other parents while their children play in a safe and happy environment.
  • Support network – program is run by an Interactive Parenting Coordinator who is able to provide support and information to families, supervision and appropriate activities.
  • Parenting information – a parent library is available for parents to access, as well as a children’s book and puzzle library.
  • Planned activities – parents assist in choosing activities and all resources are provided by Interactive parenting program.